WaggSoft Dev Tasks : WaggSoft Dev Tasks : Squishy Bugs: Recently closed tasks http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/ 2013-06-22T03:37:58Z FS#96: "Final Score" high score notification 2013-06-22T03:37:58Z 2012-09-16T23:24:16Z
When the game's score is the highest score on the device, show that on the Play Again screen.

Scratch that... when the game's score is the highest score overall/monthly/weekly/daily online, show that on the play again screen.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:96
FS#86: Password synchronization 2013-06-16T08:14:31Z 2012-07-24T06:13:16Z
1) When a user first logs in to their account in Squishy Bugs

2) and then changes the password via the website

3) then plays a game and submits a score to the website

4) the score is rejected because the passwords no longer match


When the game begins and the main menu is displayed, validate the account. If the passwords no longer match, log out the player and notify them that they must log in again in order to submit their scores.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:86
FS#127: Fix UI 2013-06-06T05:56:52Z 2013-05-30T20:42:06Z
Upon update to the latest version of libgdx, the previous menus all broke. Now they are displayed as the default libgdx UI so they need to be customized to fit the Squishy Bugs feel.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:127
FS#15: End of level stats 2013-06-04T20:41:23Z 2011-11-21T05:57:54Z
Store various stats such as:
* Number of projectiles launched.
* Number of tile groups (of size 1 to n) knocked down.
* Number of tiles caught.
* etc
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:15
FS#107: Keyboard covers password box 2013-05-31T22:40:51Z 2013-05-02T20:47:39Z
When typing in the password box the device keyboard covers it. Perhaps move the password field upward on the screen when it has focus.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:107
FS#102: Jiggle and Shake 2013-05-30T20:40:31Z 2013-02-05T01:34:25Z
* Icons in tiles bounce left-left then right-right and repeat. Perhaps in time with the music.

* Tiles fall into place when the level starts. Perhaps they fall a little too far and then bounce back to settle into the correct position. (DONE)

* When a tile is crushed it already breaks into big pieces. Perhaps the icons should inflate slightly (scale up) before exploding.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:102
FS#98: Alter button when pressed 2013-05-30T20:39:14Z 2012-10-08T17:41:26Z
When a button is pressed, do something to indicate that it was pressed. Put a shadow over the screen. Show a "please wait..." message. Something to indicate that the game read the button press and is doing something.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:98
FS#122: Penguins 2013-05-30T20:29:37Z 2013-05-20T17:07:18Z
Add penguins
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:122
FS#58: Extra points 2013-05-30T20:28:58Z 2011-12-29T01:23:01Z
Occasionally (33% of the time), when a large-enough group of tiles (3+) are knocked down make one (at random) of the tiles spawn a special squishy bug.

When the random tile is assigned make a unique sound and animation but don't indicate which tile is the special tile until it's squished. When squished, the special squishy bug pops out.

The special squishy bug should be chosen randomly between two sprites. One of which is chosen 75% of the time (by default, a rainbow) and the other 25% of the time is something special (a penguin!)

If the correct tile is not squished first then the bonus should be removed.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:58
FS#83: Power up indication 2013-05-30T19:42:51Z 2012-04-11T06:29:17Z
When a powerup is picked up, indicate it somehow.

For pickups, display an icon. Fade out the icon based on how long the power has left. Full amount? Display almost completely opaque. 1 second left? Almost faded out completely.

Perhaps display in a horizontal stack, right to left or left to right, to show the order in which the powers were activated. If a power is refreshed before it runs out, keep its position in the stack but reset the timer on it, thus displaying it brighter.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:83