WaggSoft Dev Tasks : WaggSoft Dev Tasks : Runner RPG: Recently edited tasks http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/ 2013-05-23T03:26:27Z FS#115: Replace dead leader 2013-05-23T03:26:27Z 2013-05-10T22:21:25Z
When leader dies, next in line takes the lead. This counts for both the enemy groups and the player group.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:115
FS#123: Enemy groups split in two 2013-05-23T03:25:07Z 2013-05-23T03:25:07Z
When an enemy is destroyed from the middle of the group, the group splits into two independent groups. The enemy behind the destroyed enemy becomes the leader of the second group.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:123
FS#120: Small random levels 2013-05-11T20:47:55Z 2013-05-11T20:47:55Z
Levels should be built using small prefabricated chunks. Think Diablo level generation.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:120
FS#119: Remove offscreen arrows after some time 2013-05-11T08:30:08Z 2013-05-11T08:30:08Z
Remove arrow that points to offscreen items after the item has been onscreen for a short time.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:119
FS#118: Arrows pointing to offscreen items 2013-05-11T07:31:30Z 2013-05-11T07:31:30Z
If an item is offscreen, draw an arrow at the edge of the screen pointing to the item.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:118
FS#117: Randomize Bad Guys 2013-05-10T22:28:25Z 2013-05-10T22:28:02Z
When bad guys populate the world, use an "allowance" of monster difficulty that's currently populating the world.

Each monster gets assigned a difficulty cost. When it spawns in the world, subtract the cost from the allowance. When it's removed, add it back to the allowance.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:117
FS#116: Permanent drops 2013-05-10T22:25:36Z 2013-05-10T22:25:36Z
When items drop from fallen bad guys, keep them in the level permanently.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:116
FS#114: Manage Inventory 2013-05-10T22:21:35Z 2013-05-10T22:20:48Z
Pause game. Open inventory. Drag item to particular player to equip / use.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:114
FS#110: Player Party Follows Player 2013-05-10T22:12:22Z 2013-05-10T22:02:56Z
The player picks up additional party members as they play through the game. The additional characters should follow behind the player and copy every movement the leader makes.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:110
FS#111: Key Items 2013-05-10T22:12:14Z 2013-05-10T22:04:55Z
The game is level based. Certain levels have secret exits. To open a secret exit, the player must have picked up a key item from an earlier level.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:111