WaggSoft Dev Tasks : WaggSoft Dev Tasks : Board Rogue: Recently edited tasks http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/ 2013-10-07T00:38:41Z FS#156: Item list at end of loot phase 2013-10-07T00:38:41Z 2013-10-07T00:38:41Z
At the end of the loot phase, display a grid of items looted. Multiples of an item should still only be represented by a single graphic of that item, but with a counter to show how many of that item were looted.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:156
FS#154: Allow hero to flee from fights 2013-09-13T05:47:17Z 2013-09-13T05:47:17Z
Each attack between hero and monster should happen once per tick in the game's update function. This will give the player the choice of fleeing if need be. Stop looping the fight in the monster room's trigger action function.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:154
FS#153: Tween avatar movement 2013-09-12T04:01:08Z 2013-09-12T04:01:08Z
As heroes traverse the board, they should glide between tiles rather than teleport.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:153
FS#152: On hero death, move to next player 2013-09-10T06:27:23Z 2013-09-10T06:27:23Z
When a player's hero dies, they skip the rest of their turn. Move on to the next player's hero.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:152
FS#151: Order of operations per turn 2013-09-08T07:19:00Z 2013-09-08T07:18:19Z
1) Perform the room's action
--* Monster rooms: Fight or flee.
----* If fleeing, forfeit your dice roll and go back N squares.
----* Victory over monster, collect loot then go to 2)
--* Trap room: Spring trap, avoid it, attempt to disarm it.
----* If "go back n squares" then go back N squares and forfeit dice roll.
----* If "lose a turn / paralysis / stuck" then forfeit dice roll. Still on trap square at beginning of next turn, skip drawing trap card next turn, go to 2). NOTE: Extra lucky if another hero died in this room while you were stuck. You get to pick up their dropped loot.
----* Avoided trap or successfully disarmed it, pick up loot and then go to 2)
--* Treasure room: Pick up treasure

2) Pick up loot left laying around the room (hero death or random item spawn from beginning of game). Then go to 3)

3) Roll dice and move about the board

If at any point the hero dies, drop their loot in the room and respawn them back at the entrance.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:151
FS#150: Risk/Reward in coins?? 2013-09-08T06:20:12Z 2013-09-08T06:20:12Z
On hero death, should the player keep their hero's coins? All of the coins? A fraction?

This could be used to avoid player frustration with the inevitable multitude of deaths they'll experience in a session.

They will certainly lose their inventory, dropping everything to the floor of the room they died in. But perhaps if they keep coins when they die then they'll be encouraged to sell their items when they have the chance.

As stated in task #149, items held in inventory at the end of the game add 100% of their value to that player's final score. 1 coin == 1 point. But selling items to a merchant during the game only nets them 60% of the item's value. This is to encourage the player to be bold and hold onto their items for a higher score at the end of the game, but at the risk of losing everything when they die.

So will need to experiment with keeping a % of (or all) coins when hero dies.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:150
FS#149: Sell loot at merchant (reduced value) 2013-09-07T22:23:00Z 2013-09-07T22:23:00Z
1) Merchants will rip you off. You'll only get a fraction of the item's worth if you sell it in the dungeon.

2) Selling an item removes it from your inventory.

3) You get coins for selling an item to a merchant.

4) If you just held on to that 600 coin item rather than selling it, at the end of the game it would have counted for 1000 coins.

NOTICE: All items count toward your final score. Each coin == 1 point. A gold bar might be worth 1000 coins at the end of the game but if you sell it at a merchant you only get 60% of the item's value.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:149
FS#148: Trap empty rooms 2013-08-24T06:24:49Z 2013-08-24T05:43:07Z
See tasks #146 and #147

A player who has a trap in their inventory can set the trap in an empty room that they occupy. When other players enter the empty room the empty room will be treated as if it were a trap room.

The player to whom the trap belongs is safe if they visit the room again during that player's lifespan. If the trap's owner dies, the trapped room is no longer safe for them to enter and will be treated as a hostile trap room.

When the trap is sprung it is destroyed and no new trap is drawn to replace the expired trap.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:148
FS#147: Disarm traps 2013-08-24T05:38:34Z 2013-08-24T05:38:34Z
Upon a player successfully avoiding a trap, give them the CHANCE to attempt to disarm the trap. A successful disarm will add the trap to the player's inventory.
* Use the same "chance" variable that is used for triggering the trap.
* Some gear might decrease the CHANCE that the trap will spring while being disarmed.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:147
FS#146: Avoid Traps 2013-08-24T05:35:56Z 2013-08-24T05:35:56Z
When a player enters a trapped room there is a CHANCE that the player successfully avoids triggering the trap. The trap would be left alone for the next player to stumble across.
* The trap has a "chance" variable to indicate how effective the trap is.
Mr Super User http://dev.waggsoft.com/bugs/:146